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Simple Mindful Moments

Purse, keys, laptop, cell phone, backpacks, did I pack the kids’ lunches? Without noticing it all, my brain is in overload, and the to-do list is longer than an Aldi receipt. I can quickly run on autopilot, not noticing what my mind needs. Instead, I fixate on the beautiful distractions of images, commercials, podcasts, and videos. Easier to pay attention to those than the … Read More Simple Mindful Moments

Podcast Fall Series

Do you wish you could have endless hours of sleep, or you are a five-hour minimum sleeper? In our fall series, we discuss the importance of rest and how we have adjusted our sleeping patterns in recent years. Hear from entrepreneurs, busy moms, and your Amigas about how we approach resting in our daily lives. ¿Te gustaría poder dormir todo el día o te … Read More Podcast Fall Series

Después del covid que sigue?

Son las cinco de la mañana y suena mi alarma, en segundos la quiero apagar. Pero me prometí a mi misma que me daría la oportunidad de experimentar todo lo que me hace feliz. En mi mente me digo a mi misma todas las opiniones negativas, rápidamente me doy cuenta y puedo negociar con mi conciencia. Está bien si puedo, 123, me levanto y … Read More Después del covid que sigue?

Podcast Summer Series: Resumen de Podcasts sobre la Nutrición & Salud

Are you interested in nutrition, health, and wellness? Catch up on our podcast series that we published during the summer! We interviewed two inspiring professionals in the field and shared our experience along with some of the lessons we’ve learned throughout our journey. Two episodes are in Spanish and two are in English. Below you’ll find episodes summary and links to listen. We are … Read More Podcast Summer Series: Resumen de Podcasts sobre la Nutrición & Salud

Progress, not perfection

As a child, I grew up being told as long as it was low fat or no fat, it was ok! Remember when the food pyramid in the ’90s had grains, cereals, rice, and bread at the base? As a teen, I hurried from class or after-school activities, filling up with snacks and pop. My typical school lunch was Cheez-its with Pop Tarts and … Read More Progress, not perfection