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Podcast Fall Series

Do you wish you could have endless hours of sleep, or you are a five-hour minimum sleeper? In our fall series, we discuss the importance of rest and how we have adjusted our sleeping patterns in recent years. Hear from entrepreneurs, busy moms, and your Amigas about how we approach resting in our daily lives. ¿Te gustaría poder dormir todo el día o te … Read More Podcast Fall Series

Aventuras entre amigas

Recordando con mucho cariño, el paseo que tuvimos en febrero.  Soñamos de viajar otra vez, y tener muchas aventuras así entre amigas…Ojalá que sea pronto! También, les contamos que estamos en el proceso de lanzar un nuevo proyecto. Una colaboración con la espera de brindar mas conexión y apoyo entre las mujeres de nuestra comunidad. Aun no podemos decirles todos los detalles… 🙂  Hasta … Read More Aventuras entre amigas

Agradecida por la infertilidad / Thankful for infertility

I’m thankful for infertility. It’s ok to feel sad and thankful. It’s ok to feel disappointed and hopeful. It’s ok to feel angry and relieved. Sure, I’m not the first woman to talk about this topic. But it just seems important to share my story during the holiday season (and all of the emotions that it brings). And to tell you that you’re not … Read More Agradecida por la infertilidad / Thankful for infertility


This week, we’ll be sharing moments of gratitude. Thanksgiving is maybe my favorite, and most important holiday. More so than Christmas? Yep. (Esther gasps) 😉 It doesn’t matter where you’re from–your beliefs, race, language, or your political views…Thanksgiving is the day to express your love, peace, and yes, thankfulness for your dear ones. It gives us the opportunity to be united on that day … Read More Agradecida-Thankful

¡Mucho Gusto! Nice to Meet you!

!Mucho gusto! Let’s just pretend that you’re meeting us for a cup of coffee. How about we get to know one another before we get all deep and serious in this blog? We’re Esther & Melissa. And this is La Vida Entre Amigas. Our mission is to remind ourselves and our readers that: You are beautiful. You are loved. You belong. Please check our … Read More ¡Mucho Gusto! Nice to Meet you!