Aventuras entre amigas

Recordando con mucho cariño, el paseo que tuvimos en febrero.  Soñamos de viajar otra vez, y tener muchas aventuras así entre amigas…Ojalá que sea pronto!

También, les contamos que estamos en el proceso de lanzar un nuevo proyecto. Una colaboración con la espera de brindar mas conexión y apoyo entre las mujeres de nuestra comunidad. Aun no podemos decirles todos los detalles… 🙂 

Hasta pronto. Cuídense mucho!

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Aquí en nuestra aventura ❤️

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Que Necesitas Para Sobrevivir El Primer Trimestre De Embarazo?

Hola Amigas,

 Gracias por pasar a visitar nuestro blog. Se preguntaran donde he andado por que  no he escrito por algunos meses, los últimos meses del año pasado fueron muy difíciles para mi. Empece  un nuevo trabajo,  los niños empezaron escuelas nuevas y me entere que estaba embarazada. Tuve que tomar un momento y preguntarle a mi misma cual es el propósito de bloguear y si realmente es mi pasión.IMG_8958
Mi pasiones  por la moda, el diseño, el ejercicio y la cocina son cosas que me apasionan y me encantan pero ser mamá creo que es mi pasión número uno. Mis años de educación en desarrollo infantil y mis años de experiencia en el salón como maestra,me hacen siempre tener diferentes perspectivas de cómo criar a mis hijos. Soy la primera en admitir que a pesar de todo mi conocimiento hay días que como cualquier mama quisiera tener una máquina del tiempo y repetir el dia. Espero que en mi espacio encuentren alivio y motivación eso es lo que quiero emitir.

Por el título del blog se podrán adivinar que ya termine mi primer trimestre de embarazo y por ser mi tercer embarazo quiero compartir mis cosas favoritas para sobrevivir el primer trimestre. Las primeras semanas del embarazo sufrí de muchos ascos y el desayunar me costaba mucho trabajo, asi que me comía una de estas barras  RXBAR totalmente deliciosa, llena de proteína y saludable. Mi savor favorito es maple sea salt. Algo que también me ayudó mucho fue tomar agua con limón y Digize un aceite que contiene varias plantas que me ayudaban a sentir mucho mejor. Aveces solo me ponía el aceite debajo de la lengua cuando sentía los ascos venir.

Después de pasar mucho tiempo buscando unas vitaminas que realmente me gustaran y que me hicieran sentir bien, alfin encontre las mejores.  Estas vitaminas tienen una cantidad perfecta de vitaminas, plantas y muchos otros tipos de suplementos. IMG_8709También tienen magnesio y son perfectas para una persona que quiere seguir activa durante el embarazo. Algo que también me  encanta de estas vitaminas son su contenido de B12 que brinda energía para esos días que ni te quieres levantar de la cama. También tienen un contenido específico para ayudarte con la digestión durante el embarazo y si eres como yo y sufres de anemia  y tienes que tomar extra hierro estas vitaminas  son perfectas par darte un ayudadita a ir al baño ( creeme si ayudan). El precio de esta vitaminas si es un poco alto pero valen totalmente la pena. Te recomiendo que investigues si estas vitaminas son para ti. La educación es poder, antes de comprar algo comprueba que son buenas para tu cuerpo y preguntarle a tu medico que opina. 

Una de mis metas este embarazo fue mantenerme lo más activa posible así que para poder mantenerme hidratada decidí invertir en un envase de agua. Decidí invertir en uno que mantuviera las cosas heladas o calientes por mucho tiempo. Y estoy super enamorada de Hydro Flask, este envase mantiene el hielo por mucho tiempo y es bastante práctico por su tamaño y diseño. Al mantenerme hidratada mis músculos pueden trabajar mejor. Espero y les ayuda gustado mi blog, déjame un  comentario si tienes preguntas o si te gusto el blog. Puse links para los productos si quieres ver donde los puedes conseguir. 

Hasta Luego Amigas ,

Con Amor Esther


Have your goals taken a detour?

Guess what? So have mine! Let’s see if we can find our goals along the detour and refocus our intentions for 2019!

If you’re looking for answers, I don’t have them. But here are some of my thoughts about my experience this month regarding my goals. And I can assure you that you still have time to work towards those resolutions, be intentional, embrace those words, or whatever you do at the start of the year.

Each day is another opportunity to extend grace to yourself (and others). That includes those goals on a detour. You could see the detour as an extra opportunity to embrace the adventures and goodness in life…

My hubby and I decided to make our New Year’s intentions known, and we started WAY early–on Dec. 30th! We were more prepared to set resolutions than we’ve ever been before in our five years of marriage. There was even a dry erase board involved! 🙂 We spent a glorious afternoon reflecting on 2018 and dreaming about the upcoming year, and being honest and open with one another about what we would realistically like to do. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

It’s now Feb. 18th, so it’s probably a good time to take out those beautiful lists and remind ourselves about what we said we were going to do…

As I wrote about in my last post, one activity that we launched in to doing was tidying up our house. THAT WAS NOT ONE OF OUR GOALS. Having a snowstorm helped us decide to do this, along with the charming encouragement of Marie Kondo.  I had been stuck in the house for a while leading up to that weekend due to a lingering head cold, so I was sick and tired of being sick and tired–and I was ready for action!

We didn’t intend for tidying up to jump to the top of our list of to do’s in 2019, though it was much overdue. And what about the goals that were actually on our list? Where do you begin? According to Marie Kondo, you begin with clothes. My initial thought is to just DO ALL THE THINGS, ALL at once.

Then, reality sets in.

And then, those piles of “keep” clothes have overstayed their welcome in that corner of the bedroom. But I am SO close to finishing Phase 1!!

Why does it take me ages to finish simple tasks at times, preventing me from working on the real goals? Or, should I see those activities as the pre-goal coursework, or perhaps goals that the universe has revealed to me? 😉 Maybe it’s because emotions (including my confidence when faced with challenges) seem to be affected by our home environment (meaning all our stuff), or vice versa.  I usually don’t recognize how much they are connected until there has been a drastic change in my surroundings or if I’m feeling overwhelmed by life in general. My home environment is something that I can ignore  because of a busy schedule paired with avoidance of clutter–spot cleaning and closing doors–so I can spend my free time reading books or watching Netflix.

That works great. Until it doesn’t.

img_5984Of course, there are many other factors and experiences that can influence how we respond to a particular obstacle, including more serious needs, but I’m just giving a few examples that come to mind.

My best intentions can be thwarted, guiding me on a detour in no time at all. These lame snowstorms and thunder ice episodes don’t help with my motivation. Sheesh.

But don’t worry! TODAY is as good as time as any to start (or pick up where you left off).

What is ONE thing that you will commit to doing TODAY?

It can be for your mental or physical health, for your professional development, for your home, for someone you know, or just for fun! I’d love to hear from you! I’ll be sharing my thoughts on one of my real 2019 goals next time.

Lots of love,






Snowstorm resolution

Have you made resolutions, declared intentions, or claimed a word of the year?

Though my New Year goals did not include taking on a complete overhaul of my stuff, and de-cluttering to spark joy all over, I do want space.  I’d like to free up energy, resources, and time, so I can focus on the priorities we are pursuing this year as a household. And yes, I want to improve my space at home. Tidying up might not be our end goal, but it could help us along our journey.

Working from home has made the issue of space more apparent. Before, I could escape my stuff for about 40+ hours during the week, and then have just enough time to be a little annoyed with it in the evenings–while ignoring my ongoing chores list as I fell asleep. I’m pretty well-versed at filling up my free time, so back then, the weekends would allow only for the general upkeep and basic cleaning.

Now, my focus is so much more affected by my surroundings as I’m working from home. I’m constantly thinking about what chores and projects need to be done. Even if I’m not consciously thinking about the THINGS, I’m sure the clutter has been affecting aspects of my life. Stuff has been getting in the way of my other desires. Of course, some of that will always be present based on my personality, but there are some major areas that have been neglected…

I can’t convert a coffee shop into my mobile office all of the time, though I would love to have a never-ending supply of fresh, single-origin coffee, or lattes steamed to perfection. The truth is, my body and my wallet can’t afford that.
(It’s also not practical to leave the house when I want to do social media live posts, phone calls, or house chores in between tasks).

Enter Marie Kondo. She published her book years ago, but her Netflix show recently launched on New Year’s Day, and then she rocketed into the social trending sphere. Her name can be used as a verb. That’s the real deal. I’ve used the phrase “spark joy” more times than I would like to admit, yet before, that would make no sense given the context.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to persuade you to try the KonMari Method™. This is just my take on how we are attempting it, as we approach the various categories in our house. I’ll be sharing more as we progress through the phases of simplifying and organizing.

For an optimal start, it helped me to have the following:

  1. Having that post-holiday blah feeling
  2. Binge-watch “Tidying Up” while you’re fighting a head cold
  3. Seeing a snowstorm in the forecast
  4. General avoidance of other to do’s
  5. Spouse/partner who is also willing to try this (and who might be more focused than you when it comes to these sort of things)


But seriously, Hubby and I have been talking about de-cluttering and organizing our home for a while now. I actually starting gathering a donation bag last June, but I never got around to taking it to its new home. Since my transition to working at home nine months ago, my clothing needs have changed, and I presently wear the same gray and black t-shirts with jeans. Or, I’ll “dress up” with a tunic-type dress and leggings. And then there are the workout clothes that I will put on when I don’t have any meetings planned, regardless of my plans to exercise.  Plus, the piles of CLEAN clothes, waiting to be folded or put away in the closet… There’s no space in our dresser on hangers because, apparently, I hold on to items that I think I might wear someday again. Or for the first time.

So, like Marie Kondo recommends, we are sorting through our clothes first.

Have you heard about this organizing approach? Who has tried to de-clutter and tidy up? I’d love to hear your tips and what has worked for you!


Songs that came to mind while writing this:

  • New Year, Death Cab for Cutie
  • Free Your Mind, En Vogue
  • You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Rolling Stones


Ser Mamá


Ser mamá es mi prioridad número uno lo demás no es tan importante. Me he concentrado en establecer y cultivar mi relación con mis hijos. Al fin he aprendido que los más importante está en casa. Y que en esta etapa de mi vida tal vez no salga mucho a cenar o pueda cultivar muchas amistades. Pero al final del día mi prioridad número uno es ser MAMÁ. Yo creo que como mamás o mujeres todas tenemos un ideal de la mujer perfecta esa que todo lo puede. Pero he decidido dejar atrás el idealismo de una perfección que jamás alcanzaré y dedicarme a ser lo que soy. Presentarme al mundo tal y como soy. Mi valor como mamá y mujer no se define por las opiniones de los demás o que tanto éxito alcanzó. Y si crees que de repente una mañana me desperté y alcance esta mentalidad estaría mintiendo. Una de las razones por las cuales no he trabajado en el blog es por que tuve que revalidar el orden de importancia de las cosas. Qué es aquello que me brinda más felicidad y lo que se merece más mi tiempo.Una de las cosas que he trabajado es preguntarme qué es lo que me hace sumamente feliz, y dedicarme a solo rodearme de cosas que me brinden plena felicidad. Esta es mi lista de prioridades y de cosas que brindan felicidad a mi alma.

1. Dios
2. Mi matrimonio
3. Mis hijos
4. Mi familia
5. Correr
6. Mi carrera
7. Mis amigos
8. Creatividad
9. La moda
10. Diseñó
11. Escribir

Cada día persigo cultivar plenamente mi lista de prioridades. Te invito a que hagas tu propia lista y definas que es lo que te brinda plena felicidad y no descanses hasta lograrlo. 

Con Amor,