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Simple Mindful Moments

Purse, keys, laptop, cell phone, backpacks, did I pack the kids’ lunches? Without noticing it all, my brain is in overload, and the to-do list is longer than an Aldi receipt. I can quickly run on autopilot, not noticing what my mind needs. Instead, I fixate on the beautiful distractions of images, commercials, podcasts, and videos. Easier to pay attention to those than the … Read More Simple Mindful Moments

Agradecida por la infertilidad / Thankful for infertility

I’m thankful for infertility. It’s ok to feel sad and thankful. It’s ok to feel disappointed and hopeful. It’s ok to feel angry and relieved. Sure, I’m not the first woman to talk about this topic. But it just seems important to share my story during the holiday season (and all of the emotions that it brings). And to tell you that you’re not … Read More Agradecida por la infertilidad / Thankful for infertility

Rise & Shine…Levántate & Brilla

What’s your first reaction when you see me standing in front of the mirror? -Why didn’t she brush your hair? I mean, did she even brush her teeth? -Someone must be having a bad day… -Is this going to be an extreme makeover story? Oh, I LOVE these! -How could she post something like this. AND make it public… Maybe you’re used to seeing … Read More Rise & Shine…Levántate & Brilla