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T H A N K F U L F O R…..(bubble baths, diapers and preschool runs ​​) ​

  This Thanksgiving I am especially thankful for being a mom and for all the moms out there that do an amazing job to raise tiny humans. Because every day we wake up and manage to feed, dress, wash, plan, clean, cook and somehow we might find time to sneak a couple texts to our friends and a cup of coffee.  We go to … Read More T H A N K F U L F O R…..(bubble baths, diapers and preschool runs ​​) ​

18 Needles

If you would have asked me years ago about what I would be doing at 34, I probably wouldn’t have told you having 18+ needles stuck in me, eating an insane amount of celery, and drinking gallons of hibiscus tea would be part of my routine. Even a year ago I wouldn’t have thought that. I’ve decided to try some new things for my … Read More 18 Needles


If you ask me, what’s your favorite thing to do? I will probably respond with, “talking to people.” I love meeting new people and learning about their stories. But how can you love meeting new friends and be so awful at first-time impressions? Let me explain, it never fails that when I meet someone new, I self-sabotage the whole interaction. Before even approaching someone, … Read More A N X I E T Y


  What were your favorite costumes when you were a kid? The first ones that come to mind are the princess and the zombie nurse. I really wish I had a picture handy to show you… What I loved about my princess costume, was that it was flowy and I had a tiara, and most importantly, I had WAVES in my hair! We braided … Read More H A L L O W E E N

Rise & Shine…Levántate & Brilla

What’s your first reaction when you see me standing in front of the mirror? -Why didn’t she brush your hair? I mean, did she even brush her teeth? -Someone must be having a bad day… -Is this going to be an extreme makeover story? Oh, I LOVE these! -How could she post something like this. AND make it public… Maybe you’re used to seeing … Read More Rise & Shine…Levántate & Brilla