Annual Spooktacular Extravaganza!


What were your favorite costumes when you were a kid? The first ones that come to mind are the princess and the zombie nurse. I really wish I had a picture handy to show you…

What I loved about my princess costume, was that it was flowy and I had a tiara, and most importantly, I had WAVES in my hair! We braided it the night before (or maybe during the day before trick-or-treating) and I LOVED it! For ladies with straight hair that won’t keep its curl, you know what I mean. To this day, I don’t think I’ve been able to recreate the glorious waves that I had in the third grade.

Fast-forward to middle school. Here comes the zombie nurse. I’m not sure who in my family had the idea to dress me like this, but I’m sure it wasn’t me. That said, it was definitely more of a standout costume–and more work from head-to-toe. From the bloody, dark makeup on my face, to the syringes (no needles, just the plastic tubes) that were strategically placed all over my lab coat, arms, and neck…I was quite the sight!

I became a party-pooper in high school, so I don’t remember dressing up. Then, began the string of random costumes during college, followed by my era of “Dress Like a Bee” for four years in a row.

Since marrying my husband, he’s reintroduced me to the fun of dressing up for Halloween. We’ve been Morticia & Gomez Addams, a Magician & Assistant, Sports Fans, Black Cats, and this year, Nancy Drew & one of the Hardy Boys.



How do you celebrate Halloween? Did you dress up this year? We’d love to see your costumes!

Lots of love,


Hola! Esther aquí sin recuerdos de la niñez de Halloween. La verdad yo no se mucho de Halloween, no crecí festejando ese día. Pero ahora de adulto celebro con mis hijos. A mi esposo y su familia les encanta celebrar halloween. Poco a poco he aprendido a celebrar el día, el año pasado fue mi primera ves pidiendo dulces. El concepto de ir a casas ajenas y pedir dulces es raro no? Pero todos los dulces que recibes que tal? Para mí lo más divertido es la emoción en la cara de mis hijos cuando reciben dulces. Moana y un pirata estarán listos para lanzarse a la aventura de pedir dulces. Esta mamá estará contado los dulces que consumen, se preocupara por las cosas que podrían pasar y tomara muchas fotos.


Poco a poco le estoy agarrando cariño al dia. Como a mi esposo le encanta disfrazarse y se vistió de Beetlejuice este año, yo me vesti de Lydia un personaje de la película “Beetlejuice”, si no la han visto se las recomiendo. Mis niños están tomando una siesta les debo esas fotos!  Quienes como yo no crecieron celebrando el dia?, Cuentenme sus tradiciones!


Hasta Luego,



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