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Going G R E E N

Gathering. Brunch? Parade? Party? Whatever the occasion, you might catch me bundled up, or in a t-shirt, or in a raincoat. March in Kansas City is so ridiculous. (It was 76 and sunny earlier this week, and today, it’s dreary and hovering around 40.) Roots. My mom’s side of the family has strong ties to Irish roots. My extended relatives are known for making … Read More Going G R E E N


This week, we’ll be sharing moments of gratitude. Thanksgiving is maybe my favorite, and most important holiday. More so than Christmas? Yep. (Esther gasps) 😉 It doesn’t matter where you’re from–your beliefs, race, language, or your political views…Thanksgiving is the day to express your love, peace, and yes, thankfulness for your dear ones. It gives us the opportunity to be united on that day … Read More Agradecida-Thankful


  What were your favorite costumes when you were a kid? The first ones that come to mind are the princess and the zombie nurse. I really wish I had a picture handy to show you… What I loved about my princess costume, was that it was flowy and I had a tiara, and most importantly, I had WAVES in my hair! We braided … Read More H A L L O W E E N