Simple Morning Routine: 4 tips to try this summer

For the past few years, I’ve been making health changes, slowly, ones that I can sustain, to have a lasting impact. I’m a firm believer of progress, not perfection, and once I decided to be more consistent about my daily habits,  including with nutrition, I’ve noticed encouraging results. One aspect of making those changes includes having a morning routine. I have more energy, I feel better in the mornings, and this routine helps me to to have a few moments of calm, before moving on to a busy day.

Part of my morning routine:
1. Give thanks and stretch for a few moments
2. Open the curtains/go outside and breathe the fresh air
3. Drink a glass of water before a cup of coffee
4. Eat breakfast with balanced nutrition and a wide variety of colors

This summer, I’ve had some fun creating different types of breakfast meals, keeping it easy and satisfying. Typically, I have a first and second breakfast, one that I drink and one that I eat! I’ve added in consistent workouts and even more plant-based nutrition as part of my mornings and I do some reading and writing. I’m realistic that sometimes the additional parts of my routine aren’t feasible everyday, but the 4 listed above are my non-negotiables. 

Do you have a morning routine or habits that help start your day? 


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