Work of Heart

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Look beyond the big-box stores, (as much as I heart my trips to Target) and step inside the creative spaces of local shops! Recently, I was able to connect with a friend, support a local business, and be inspired during a visit to Etch.Life in downtown Liberty, Missouri.

Where else can you put down your jacket, drink tea, and chat for almost an hour? 😉 Esther and I were amazed by the beautiful designs and thoughtful products that were displayed with such care and arranged so intentionally.  The same is true for the approach Etch.Life has with its customers. While we were in the shop, the co-owners treated everyone who walked in the door as if they were a guest in their home.

The co-owners, Carrie, Kelsey, and Terri, have poured their lives into creating a purposeful experience for their shoppers. Etch.Life’s mission is to help you to blend your faith into everyday life through its collections of clothing, gifts, and custom-made gifts.


Of course, I had to snag a “Work of Heart” while I was there. The hat is such a sweet reminder that I can wear as I’m running errands or focusing on projects at home. And, while I’m wandering around the Kansas City Zoo… the great thing is, you look great with or without washing your hair! #winning 🙂


Even if you can’t swing by the shop–don’t worry, long-distance amigas–you can check out the collections and learn more about Etch.Life’s story online:

You can also find Etch.Life on the usual social media outlets: on Instagram and on Facebook.


One of our aims is to support women entrepreneurs, near and far. We would love to tell your story, too!
Email us at or message us on Facebook or Instagram to connect.

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Carrie and I were reunited thanks to her invite to visit Etch.Life for a Fourth Friday open house. How many years had it been? 🙂

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