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Nuevo Capítulo: questions during transition

Back to school time launches me into a state of reflection. Not because I have kids, but because I have a history of experiencing small and big transitions in the months of August and September. Maybe it’s in the air? The late summer breezes and changing colors across the Midwest landscape seem to  inspire me to make a shift somehow, if only with my … Read More Nuevo Capítulo: questions during transition

Progress, not perfection

As a child, I grew up being told as long as it was low fat or no fat, it was ok! Remember when the food pyramid in the ’90s had grains, cereals, rice, and bread at the base? As a teen, I hurried from class or after-school activities, filling up with snacks and pop. My typical school lunch was Cheez-its with Pop Tarts and … Read More Progress, not perfection