Snowstorm resolution

Have you made resolutions, declared intentions, or claimed a word of the year?

Though my New Year goals did not include taking on a complete overhaul of my stuff, and de-cluttering to spark joy all over, I do want space.  I’d like to free up energy, resources, and time, so I can focus on the priorities we are pursuing this year as a household. And yes, I want to improve my space at home. Tidying up might not be our end goal, but it could help us along our journey.

Working from home has made the issue of space more apparent. Before, I could escape my stuff for about 40+ hours during the week, and then have just enough time to be a little annoyed with it in the evenings–while ignoring my ongoing chores list as I fell asleep. I’m pretty well-versed at filling up my free time, so back then, the weekends would allow only for the general upkeep and basic cleaning.

Now, my focus is so much more affected by my surroundings as I’m working from home. I’m constantly thinking about what chores and projects need to be done. Even if I’m not consciously thinking about the THINGS, I’m sure the clutter has been affecting aspects of my life. Stuff has been getting in the way of my other desires. Of course, some of that will always be present based on my personality, but there are some major areas that have been neglected…

I can’t convert a coffee shop into my mobile office all of the time, though I would love to have a never-ending supply of fresh, single-origin coffee, or lattes steamed to perfection. The truth is, my body and my wallet can’t afford that.
(It’s also not practical to leave the house when I want to do social media live posts, phone calls, or house chores in between tasks).

Enter Marie Kondo. She published her book years ago, but her Netflix show recently launched on New Year’s Day, and then she rocketed into the social trending sphere. Her name can be used as a verb. That’s the real deal. I’ve used the phrase “spark joy” more times than I would like to admit, yet before, that would make no sense given the context.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to persuade you to try the KonMari Method™. This is just my take on how we are attempting it, as we approach the various categories in our house. I’ll be sharing more as we progress through the phases of simplifying and organizing.

For an optimal start, it helped me to have the following:

  1. Having that post-holiday blah feeling
  2. Binge-watch “Tidying Up” while you’re fighting a head cold
  3. Seeing a snowstorm in the forecast
  4. General avoidance of other to do’s
  5. Spouse/partner who is also willing to try this (and who might be more focused than you when it comes to these sort of things)


But seriously, Hubby and I have been talking about de-cluttering and organizing our home for a while now. I actually starting gathering a donation bag last June, but I never got around to taking it to its new home. Since my transition to working at home nine months ago, my clothing needs have changed, and I presently wear the same gray and black t-shirts with jeans. Or, I’ll “dress up” with a tunic-type dress and leggings. And then there are the workout clothes that I will put on when I don’t have any meetings planned, regardless of my plans to exercise.  Plus, the piles of CLEAN clothes, waiting to be folded or put away in the closet… There’s no space in our dresser on hangers because, apparently, I hold on to items that I think I might wear someday again. Or for the first time.

So, like Marie Kondo recommends, we are sorting through our clothes first.

Have you heard about this organizing approach? Who has tried to de-clutter and tidy up? I’d love to hear your tips and what has worked for you!


Songs that came to mind while writing this:

  • New Year, Death Cab for Cutie
  • Free Your Mind, En Vogue
  • You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Rolling Stones


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